Tell them what I hoped would be 
Impossible… impossible… 
Impossible… impossible…

"You’re supposed to be here and watch Henry graduate and our babies grow up. You’re supposed to wait for me at the end of the aisle and promise to love me forever until we’re both old and grey" Regina stuttered unable to keep the emotions or tears at bay. Her sobs racked through her and she had little defence against them as they tore through her lungs and assaulted the air. She couldn’t offer any words of comfort to the woman she was clinging to. She could only watch as Emma’s tears overcame her, though her cries were quieter than her own. She wanted so desperately the future they planned. "So you have to stay Emma with us. You have to stay with me" - (x)

It’s my fic and this upset me. 

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Rewatching ouat part 9


Neal, did have a choice. August clearly said that he was going to show Neal what was in the box, and then he said that Neal would have to make a choice.

I truly do not understand how he can even think that Emma’s imprisonment is not even partially his fault.

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The Truth About OUaT


[This may get long so I’ll add a “read more” if it does] 

  1. Swan Queen is a basic right of humans to express their enjoyment and support of a fictional couple in a prime-time slot in TV. Just as one may choose to enjoy and support a fictional straight couple. Using religion as an argument against Swan Queen is one imposing their beliefs on the entertainment industry for which execs feel they must do in order to keep viewers. This is religion dictating what is or isn’t “proper television”. How is that not religious bodies imposing their beliefs on industry execs continue to abide by? Thus imposing their beliefs on what I can and cannot see on my tv?
  2. The true representation of all groups should be as  as casual as violence is currently. A parent is more likely to let a child watch something that includes horrific violence than a loving, stable and representative gay family (I use the word “gay” as a blanket term and I know some will be angered by that usage but only have so much space). It has only been recently that we’ve seen interracial couples of any kind in shows and film. Yet look at the outrage their was over a bloody cheerios advert. OUaT does damage as well to the representation of POC. Yes, Lana Parrilla can be considered a POC, but this show seriously lacks in that area. But as we all know, families are not all made up of the same components. I’ll use my experiences as an example. My father is Cuban. My mother is South African. After they divorced, when my father and I would shop or just be out and about, people stared. A woman once told my dad “how nice it was to see people adopt children”. He said, “she’s not adopted you stupid twat she’s MY daughter”.

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So, basically I need to find a town where the mayor looks like this


The doctors looks like this


The paramedic who takes you to the hospital looks like this


The police officers look like this


The local crime bosses look like this


The local milfs look like this



And the army looks like this


Not to mention various other random citizens






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That moment you realize Rose McIver was the Yellow Ranger on Power Rangers RPM.

Oh god!

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A tour of Mayor Regina Mills’s mansion in Storybrooke.

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How could we forget?

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Fred is wearing a wedding ring now too! Looks like they got hitched!

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